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4 years ago

<strong>What To Expect When Youre Expecting</strong> has been described by critics as a <em>predictable movie</em>, and I could not agree more.
It is a nice film to watch when you dont want to think or be involved in the plot too much - Im not saying its a completely bad movie, Im just saying its nothing special at all.

After reading about the cast (<em>Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Morrison and so on</em>), I was expecting a brilliant and humorous comedy, but the jokes are feeble I must say.

We find four different couples dealing with the joys of pregnancy.
The popular fitness star, Jules (Cameron Diaz) can`t be more thrilled about having a baby with Evan (Matthew J. Morrison), the star of a popular dance show (<em>Dance with the Stars</em>, anyone?).
Meanwhile, the infant-advice author Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) has to deal with her belly and her devoted husband Gary; then we have the professional photographer Holly (Jennifer Lopez), who cant have babies so she looks for a child to adopt, together with her reluctant husband Alex (theres a couple of funny sequences where he gets a glimpse of his father-to-be life thanks to a weird support group for new dads).
Finally, we have the feuding food-truck owners Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and Marco (Chace Crawford), who end up being parents after a passionate night together.

Its an OK movie which I dont feel like recommending, although I admit it can be a fun and uplifting romantic comedy in some points.

Have you ever watched it? Were you disappointed like I was?

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