What to do when you have that certain problem...you know what I`m talking about

5 years ago

Face it, we`ve all done it, whether meaning to (I hope not!) or not. And by this I mean spilling a tiny bit of your favorite nail polish on carpet. Bummer, right? But at least mum`s not coming home for a few more hours!

The type of carpet you have will determine the ease or difficulty of removing the nail polish. But if you use a combination of these solvents, you should be able to remove the nail polish from your carpet in within 20 minutes.

Common Products Used To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet:
Hydrogen peroxide, hair spray, rubbing alcohol, spot remover from Stanley Steamer, brake fluid cleaner, Oxyclean, Goof Off, Motsenbockers Lift Off #3, carburetor and choke cleaner, nail polish remover (acetone), Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover

Use The Products You Already Own First
To save time and money, I recommend trying the products that you already have lying around the house. Since every nail polish junkie also has nail polish remover, apply it to the stain first, and scrub.

Nail Polish Remover Fail?
If using nail polish remover fails to remove the nail polish from the carpet, then apply the hydrogen peroxide and hair spray to the stain in small amounts. If youve scrubbed all three of these products into the stain, and the nail polish still wont budge, try one last home remedy: window cleaner. Spray the window cleaner onto the stain and wait 15 minutes.

Holy Grail Fail?
If you tried the holy grail to no avail Nail polish remover, hydrogen peroxide, hairspray, and window cleaner at this point its probably safe to say that you are losing this battle. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Throw a concoction of any of the products listed above on the stain and see what happens. It cant get any worse at this point.

The Last Weapon in the War
If youre ready to surrender, try one more thing. There is one more weapon that can be used in this battle, but unfortunately, its probably not in your arsenal. Make a trip to your local hardware store and get a can of Motsenbockers Lift Off #3. Its a pain to find, but theres a big chance that it will work. If it doesnt, you have bionic carpet and nothing else will.

P.S. Remember to hide all your concoctions before mum arrives! (especially that unsightly can of Motsenbocker`s Lift Off #3!) Don`t say I didn`t warn you.

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