What to do if patent Louboutin`s are small?

Wise people recommend: do not buy your first Louboutin pair of shoes without trying them on. But what if these shoes are simply unavailable in your region? And what to do if the magnificent shoes masterpiece turned out to be tight. So tight that it`s painful? No panic. You can fix it even if shoes are patent. Here are few simple steps:

1) Wear them every day at home for 3-4 hours. Try them with sick pair of socks. If it`s too painful - come back to the trick with the socks on the fourth day, when shoes are already a bit stretched
2) Wet the socks with water (rubbing alcohol alternatively) a little bit during first two - three wears
3) After the fifth day they should fit much better. On the tenth day you can easily go out with these gorgeous couple of shoes on

I`ve tried it personally and it worked without damaging the shoes or its insole. The only thing is - if the shoes are way too tight, they will take the shape of your feet, and, therefore, will loose their original shape a bit.

What not to do: do not put shoes in freeze and do not try a hair drier, even though it is recommended in the most blogs. You don`t want to throw away your 650$ (and up) shoes.

I truly hope it was helpful:)) I`ll be glad if you share your experience with Louboutins ordered in the intrenet

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