What to buy in the balances!

4 years ago

Is nearing the time of year that I love: the balances. This time can be of true madness. So today`s post is based on some tips on how to shop more quiet time to balance and choose the parts ideal for you.

1) Choose a calm day to go shopping during the sales. The balances are something that need to definitely time. It also avoids the busiest days, since there will be much confusion.

2) Before you go to balances makes a list of the parts you really need.

3) Establishes priorities. The things more accurate, or more showy piece that you know will sell out quickly, must be acquired early in the balances. The other most basic parts or that may not have as much need to wait for mid / late January, when prices have come down a bit more.

4) The day you decide to go shopping opts for a comfortable outfit.

5) Think carefully before purchasing. Try before you buy and always buy only if you get it right. Think of how many sets you can use to play and always analyzes the quality of materials. Not worth buying a bargain if after two uses is to trash or never get to use.

6) Before you go shopping analyzing your budget. Do the math how much you can spend, that raises money and leaves all the remaining money and cards at home so you will not pass the threshold.

7) Think early as next season. Many stores, especially online, offer parts for all seasons balances. So you can start researching on trends spring / summer or even make a list of parts you need and try to find some of them now in the balance.

8) cosmetics stores also offer discounts in most cases. Makes for you abasteceres of your everyday products, since the long term you will save a lot. However, you must always consider the expiration dates.

9) If you are not a very determined attempt to take someone you trust (who tells the truth) when you go shopping. When you decide not ask the person what you think of this piece as you get, etc.. And do not take it amiss if I tell you you look like something horrible with it, that`s the idea :)

10) Buy pajamas, underwear and sports. The pajamas and underwear are something that will spoil over time and needs to be renewed. If it`s something you`ll have to buy anyway, might as well take advantage when they are more baratinhos right? :) The same goes for sportswear. Often brands like Nike, Adidas, ... have very good discounts worth enjoy.

11) Avoid buying pieces that at the outset think you`ll use infrequently. Despite being cheaper does not cease to be a bad investment.

12) If you have people coming to my birthday soon takes to buy a gift in balances. You can buy a prendinha better for the same money or buy what you wanted for a more affordable price.

13 Evita often go to stores. When the stores are on sale temptation to go and buy something else is always huge. However, this can lead to not fulfill it your budget or hast finished up buying unnecessary things.

14) Finally, do not buy just for seeing others buy. It often happens because someone buys a piece spotted a friend or other person in the store and not buy because they really like. We went back to the main topic, think carefully before buying. Buy what you know is missing and that they will use a lot. Idealize where outfits can use and try to see how many pieces of which already have combined this part, and in that occasions may be used.
I hope you enjoyed **

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