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4 years ago

I finally decided to trow away these nail polishes that I don`t use anymore for several reasons or that I never use it so much because after tried them the first time or two times I absolutely hate them. Today I`ll stick with nail polishes for which I have always a love and hate relations ship.

I list them one of one and explain my reasons to trow them even if they are still full bottle.

# American Apparel - Summer Peach...with this I did a major mistake just because I fell in love with the name...I would love to have the nice peach of the bottle but this nail polish ended to be the worst nail polish of my life...first of all the consistency is too liquid and when you take the brush out of the bottle a huge drop of product fall on to your nail...just one big massive drop; then if you are able to complete the manicure properly (which is insanely hard for the brush and the product itself) the nail polish look innatural white almost bad to watch...plus it didn`t last long and it`s almost sticky...and this nail polish is really really expensive like in the range of Mac or something cheaper but it didn`t half of the result of Mac

# Revlon - Kiss me Coral another stricky almost invisible nail polish that I can`t stand the colour too orangey for me even if it`s nice formula it`s way too sheer and to get the colour of the bottle you have to apply at least 3 coats on your nails with the consequent stickiness of the nail polish. It`s cheaper than other nail polish but I completely regret to having buying it also because I need to stop buying nail polish on website

Bourjois - 1 second the colour is 5. I absolutely LOVE the brush of this nail polish. Is panoramic and so easy to use. Unlike the other even if you apply several coats (in order to show up because it`s really sheer too) they are dry very quickly so I`m disappointed to trow it but it`s way too sheer and I don`t feel the need of loosing my time to apply it just to see a sheer pink with some little shimmers almost invisible...but I love the formula because it dries so quickly and the brush.

# Nubar - Lemon Sorbet this one of the worst nail polish that I ever bought. I bought it on ebay and it was actually my first buy on ebay....I was so happy to have put my hands on it but unfortunately this has the worst finish of nail polish so chalky and I almost feel to have put eraser on my hands I can`t stand this yellow I was hoping that it could be a nice lemon color but it`s not...I don`t recommend it...I was so impressed also because it was one of my nail polish without formaldehyde, Phthalate and Toluene...but It didn`t worth spent money on it...

# a little bottle of sheer yellow nail polish very cheap and very disappointing

@ e.l.f Coral...the ever famous coral from elf which is one of the first colour that I bought from elf...so insanely hyped on people blog and so disappointing at the same time...I take it just because every time that I was planning of trow it someone told me how much they love it just because so unique with the nice gold shimmer that for me are so inappropriate with a pink-coral like this. I would rather prefer that it was a matte colour.. I remember that it was pretend to be the version of some Nars nail polish Orgasm...big fail in my opinion

* China Glaze top coat which I`ll made a post on it
they all deserve to going in the dushbag after this long journey in my collection to get mixed, dusted they need to get free!!!
* photos are mine please do not take without permssion

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