What sportsports do you play?

5 years ago

when i was little i did countless amount of sports. when i was 3 i started dance i quit when i was 5, i joined soccer (kinderkickers) for 3 years, then quit that i did basketball for 2 years quit that, then i did softball i disliked it i quit after a year, then i joined soccer for another 2 years, next i did basketball again for another 2, finally i am currently doing dance since 2 years ago. i love dance i was really upset to quit it but i never liked the practices (when i was little) now i am fully committed to dance. the reason why i quit all of those sports is because i never liked them and what i did was i actually got off of the couched and tried a sport until i liked it. i am so glad i did. *picture from source link below*

Source link: http://jackaruteonsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/All-Sports_C.jpg

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