What she was thinking ?

Hi again guys !

I am showing you only some nice outfits but i think that i need to share also some BAD looks. And i also found an article about celebrities and their bad looks. Holly sh*t what they were thinking ?! Now i would like to share with you one photo, the worst in my opinion. She looks like a clown or maby x mas tree ? That`s really hard to say and compare her to something. Ok starting from her head, her hairdo is nice. Her hair look healthy and are in nice color. But that`s only plus there... So, she was wearing some something red, yellow and orange like a bullfighter ! Don`t you think ? They were always fighting with bulls in some crazy clothes. She also has black corset and it`s not that bad but she also has some crazy belt, small purse i don`t know how it`s called in english but in polish its nerka. Looks like from Gucci. We have also black trousers, golden shoes which look really bad with that black tights, black shopping tote (Louis Vuitton ?, hard to say maby it`s only me, because i see LV logos everywhere ;D) and red scarf from feathers. Uh and that`s all. So yeah, she was wearing really a lots of things. Ahh and i forgot to write who she is. That`s Bonnie Pointer and she is r`n`b singer but i have never heard about her. Only thing that i could say is " look at the mirror and hire a stylist ! ".
For me this is of course huge MISS. Please tell me guys that i am not the only one.
What do you think ?
Miss or maby Hit ? ;D


Source link: http://www.posh24.com/cheryl_cole/top_10_worst_dressed_celebs_of_the_week

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