What NOT to wear!

Ok this might be a little bit long. BUT this is a blog on and about what not to wear. okay so lets start with bigger people who wear clothes that are like 4 sizes to small. 1One its not cute and its down right inappropriate. I AM i bigger guy and there are good looking clothes out there that fit you, you just got to look. Next i want to talk about girls who wear short shorts. 1 NO ONE (repeat after me) NO ONE!!! wants to see a butt cheek hanging out of there shorts. It gross. Next i want to get on the make up subject. Trust me i`m a guy when i say this that NO GUY WANTS A WOMAN WHO HAS TO LITERALLY SPEND AN HOUR PAINTING THEIR FACE. I LOVE it when my girlfriend doesn`t wear make up because she looks SOO good without it. and almost all brands of make up are so bad for your skin anyways. So there you go, this blog is just generally talking about the subject but if i offend you i am sorry but it is my opinion =)
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