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I`m a reality show addicted, I admit it. I love every kind of tv series in general, but reality shows have just that little something more, that make them all better; the fact that we can spy into other people`s life from our home is actually what our actual society is made of.
But don`t get me wrong now..I perfectly know reality shows are not really REAL, in fact they`re quit fake and made up to entertain, but when the fiction becomes so obvious that you can`t ignore it anymore and the characters start looking like really bad actors, well then the reality hits its lowest point.
And this is the case with the fifth season of The Rachel Zoe Project. I loved the first seasons, Brad and Taylor were adding the right amount of drama that Miss Zoe herself couldn`t bring to the program, the jobs were amazing as the dresses and you were kind of having a glimpse of what the stylist world could be. The things started falling apart slowly, until this last season; all I could see throug the 8 episodes was a bunch of girls laughing at every step Rachel and Roger were taking, a kid always running around and a very stressed Rachel that couldn`t stop saying how much she hated being the subject of photos or campaigns.
Ok, I get it..things change, but we want dresses and dramas! That`s what a reality is made of! I didn`t see any of the things I watched the showe before for, it was more about the personal life of Rachel and Roger rather then the styling work. Plus, I hope they will all stick to fashion, cause acting just isn`t in their future.
Frankly, I was very disappointed with this season and at the news that Bravo might not renew the showe for next year I`m not surprised at all. We will see what happened, but in the mean time, has any of you watched the show? What are your thoughts?
Lots of love :)
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