What medicine to take???

What medicine to take when you`re sick? My symptoms were: headache, cough, sore throat, runny and stuffy nose.

Medicine #1 - Cepacol, my dad swears by this product but I have tried it before and it just does not work for me. Cepacol is a honey lemon hard candy like medicine for instant acting to help sore throat. The flavor is disgusting and this did not sooth my sore throat. If you`re someone who can`t stand disgusting flavors of medication, I would not recommend this product.

Medicine #2: NyQuil Cold&Flu - For a pack of 72, it cost $17 at Costco! So if you`re not planning to be sick a lot, I`d recommend Target. My dad bought this for me and it did not help me feel better.

What helped me get better? ROBITUSSIN!

- Robitussin Cold & Flu Daytime
- Robitussin Multi-Symptom Cold Night Time

I actually bought the two Robitussin Day/Night on sale last week at CVS plus I had a coupon. I ended up spending like $5 and getting $3 ECB which was awesome! I think Robitussin helped because I had a liquid form to supplement the pills. The only con is the pills for daytime was huge to swallow (same as Nyquil) but the liquid is cherry which tasted fine!

What medication works for you when you`re sick?

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