What makes me smile~

1. Sponge Bob
2. The guy next to me highlighting all the lines of his document, except one.
3. Hiding Easter chocolate eggs in the garden.
4. Hamsters, bunnies and kitties pictures.
5. Watching Gene Kelly dancing.
6. People who don`t know how to tell jokes.
7. Watching my boyfriend playing video games.
8. When my boyfriend tells me "You`re hot, babe".
9. Decorating the Christmas tree.
10. Typing mistakes.
11. Long journeys in the night.
12. When a friend tells me "I have something to tell you but I`ve promised not to tell anyone".
13. Waking up and... it is the first day of summer break.
14. Meeting new people.
15. Understand a joke I`ve just been told only when I`m on my own.
16. A kid`s drawing.
17. My cat + a laser.
18. The vending machine which gives you more change than you expected.
19. The seller who announces you "You`re lucky, it`s the last".
20. A shooting star.
21. Sour candies.
22. Dancing with my boyfriend.
23. Listening to my brother telling me why he`s communist.
24. Any Bollywood movie.
25. Instead of writing in my agenda the place of my meeting, I`ve written his name and mine.
26. People`s excuses when they`re late.
27. People in the street talking on the phone very loud.
28. When Harrison Ford smile to me from the TV.
29. Being lost with my best friend in an unknown place.
30. Spraying perfume the wrong way (right on my face).

Source link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Happy_smiley_face.png

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