What make us fat?

4 years ago

What Makes Us Fat?Most of us usually know why weve piled on the pounds. Now, a new study in the International Journal of Obesity confirms the reasons most of us gain weight and you wont be surprised to discover that weight gain from slow metabolism isnt one of them.

The London-based study examined data taken from almost 5,000 people at 16 years and then again at 30 years. Just 8% of the people aged 16 were obese, but by the age of 30, this had doubled to more than 16%. Unsurprisingly, an increase in Body Mass Index (BMI) was linked to four or more hours of sedentary activities a day, eating takeaways twice or more each week, consuming two or more fizzy drinks a day and a history of dieting!

The authors say these findings confirm how important it is to encourage people to follow an active lifestyle and eat a healthy diet if they want to avoid excess weight gain during early adulthood.

WLR says:

This study hasnt exactly told us anything new but sometimes its useful to be reminded of the basics.

Its not surprising fizzy drinks and takeaways are linked with weight gain. Two cans of cola provide 280 calories if these are consumed in excess to your calorie needs every day, youd gain a massive 29lb in a year. Thats more than 2 stone! Similarly, two takeaways consisting of a large pizza and cheesy garlic bread, plus a chicken korma with pilau rice and a Naan bread amount to a huge 3,500 calories. Thats enough to gain 1lb in a week or 52lb in a year if you ate two takeaways like this each week.

The fact this study links repeated dieting to weight gain indicates that the subjects probably followed crash or fad diets to lose weight quickly, and didnt follow a plan that encouraged them to change eating habits for life.

If theyd followed a diet from Weight Loss Resources chances are they wouldnt need to worry about putting the weight back on or ever diet again!

Recent TV shows, such as Channel 4`s Secret Eaters, continue to highlight the importance of lifestyle change - which can only be a good thing!

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