What make up is worth-buying at Spain?

4 years ago

Its summertime and perhaps some of you are coming to Spain on vacation, and as potential readers and cosmetic buyers, perhaps youre wondering about what is worth buying.

First, I have to say the offer, and in some terms, the prices, may vary a lot depending if you go Canary Islands (because they pay different taxes) of Peninsular Spain, and my tips will be for this last. Sadly, I have to say that for being such a big a populated country, we do not have as much variety as we should, even if I live in a 700.000 people city, I have a very small range of prices and products to buy.

So first, Ill advice WHAT YOU SHOULDNT BUY
-If you come from Europe, dont buy brands as Max Factor, Loreal, Rimmel or Revlon, because they are more expensive and we have like the half of the products they sell in other countries. If you are as pale-skinned as I am (lighter than MACs NW15), forget buying any cream foundation.
-If you come from the USA, dont ever buy brands as MAC, Nars, Benefit, Nyx, etc. In your country you will pay the the half and will have way more products.

So, WHAT SHOULD I BUY (or at least, TRY)?
-If you come from the Americas, you probably have not tried European low cost brands, and there some really worthy!
My favorite one is the German Essence. Even if in Spain prices might get a bit higher than in Germany (though just a few cents), I think this one is the cheapest, with prices from 099 to 375 Euros: if you like Nail art, they have a huuuuuuge range of products. Their skin products and balms are pretty good too. Ill make and entry on my favorite Essence products, but I highly recommend their nail polished, translucent powders, mascaras, gel eyeliners and cream eyeshadows. They also launch a LE edition like once a month and you should have any cool product there (impressive cream and jelly blushes, for example). Its sold at different drugstores in all the country.
Catrice is the elder sister of Essence. Prices are a bit higher (always lowcost, among 2 and 6 euros), but also is quality. I specially love their nail polishes, LM and gel eyeliner. The only problem is you wont find them in all the cities, but surely you will at the biggest ones.
Flormar is an Italian brand, with prices among 2 (on sale, but they always have sales!) and 8 euros. I love their very special nailpolished and their very pigmented eveyshadows quads! My mom also loves their compact powder but they are too dark for me. Flormar its sold in East and Mediterranian Europe, but not in France, German of UK: the bad news are that, in Spain you can find it only in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Sevilla, Córdoba, Almería and Cádiz, and they dont have shops but small corners in Malls or Stations (as Barcelonas train station, have a look if you pass by!).
Kiko is another italian brand which prices a bit higher, but half of the shop its always on sale. If you dont find any, go for the 250 lipsticks or 750 blushes: the huge range of eyeshadows, nailpolishes and mascaras will amaze you.
The Frech Yves Rocher is also very popular here, but I dont like their make up, sorry.

Buy my above-all favorites are the supermarket-drugstore brands. I dont really like some of them (as Eroskis Belle of Carrfours), but there are two that I LOVE:
-Basic. Its Scheleckers (german drugstore) brand, with prices among 075 and 4 euros: I LOVE LOVE LOVE their very mate lipspticks (250), nail polished, trio blush, eyeliner and their illuminator (I use it as concealer). Their face and body care, Rilanja, is also pretty good and equally inexepensive.
-DELIPLUS. Im using caps because I think you should not leave the country without trying it! Its Mercadonas (Spanish supermarket) brand, and everyday its get better. It deserves a proper post, but all their make up products (including some superb brushes) cost between 150 and 7 euros. Theirs face and hair care products are also amazing. Great variety, great quality, great prices and even great packaging!

If youd like another entry, more focused on Spanish brands, tell me and Ill just make one!

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