What leads to getting points deducted?

4 years ago

Just wondering, what leads to points getting deducted?

Every time I look around on community, there seems to be mixed messages, so I just wanted to get a clarification so when I do try to order something from the shop, I don`t get thousands of points deducted because I didn`t know better.

I know the basics:
Having your post moved to Community
Having someone else`s post that you commented on or liked be moved to Community. I`ve had this happen to me on many occasions.
Posting spam

My question is what is considered spam?
I see a lot of members that post "Thank you" to every member who comments on their photo. Is that considered spam or a legitimate comment?

I saw a lot of members doing that so I did for a few of my posts. Now, I`m wondering if that`s considered spam.

And if someone else keeps posting "Nice" or "great" on your post, will you have points deducted if that is considered spam?

I know that I probably will get points deducted for reporting all the spammers about the "buy fake stuff at this site" comments.

And I do remember reading that "Hit or Miss" "Should I buy this" posts are not really "good" posts and might get points deducted.



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