What kind of world we live?!

5 years ago

I`m absolutelly disgusting about this world. I don`t know anymore if we live in a peaceful world or in a jugle. Everyday i see stupid news and I don`t know if It`s better for me to laugh or to cry. It just hurt because we are rational animals not irrational animals. The people don`t respect each other, nobody love nobody. I would like to grow up in a peaceful worl and I would like my children would grow up in a peaceful worl too, but it seems increasingly impossible. If you want to know why i`m saying this things, please continue reading.


In the picture you can see a young boy who was chained in a tree in Battambang, in Camboja. The father says the addiction of the son to video games, put him act drastically!
The father says that was the best way to punish his son only because he let go to school to stay at home playing video games on the internet. The punish wasn`t approved by the local authorities so the man fled. He was charged of child abuse. The man who has 40 years old was charged of child abuse and he works motorcycle in the region.

Do you read that?! What kind of worl is this? I think he didn`t need to do what he did. If he really wanted to correct his son, just get it the computer and the video games. That`s all!
I mean, i`m day after day more disappointed because this is not normal... This is not human!

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Source link: http://www.noticiasbizarras.com.br/2012/03/pai-acorrenta-filho-viciado-em-videogame/

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