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5 years ago

My mom just loves to visit the whole family at least once a week, which i really don`t mind. I love my family to dead, since her sisters are much younger (my grandmother had my mom at her 16). So since they`re all about 30, they have young children, so everytime they come over it`s such a big thing. One kids screams, the other ones start screaming too.. the kids are from 3 to 7, so that`s pretty hard to deal with. I love them all, but being almost 37 weeks pregnant.. sometimes it`s a little too much for me. last sunday the kids were just annoying, they had too much sugar and we`re drinking coca cola..
I wanted to keep them shut since i had backpain, my head was pounding and my aunts and mom were in the kitchen coocking. I decided to put a movie on, so they could watch interested, and VERY silent.

It`s a movie about a gorgeous girl, who falls in love with the servant. He dies, and she has to marry the prince of the kingdom.. she gets obducted and her sevant isn`t dead, he comes to save her and there are happening allot of things between that. It`s not something i would recommand, but the kids loved it!

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