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3 years ago

Manufacturing is the clothing design being translated into a pattern that ranges in sizes. For non-expensive clothing, the fabric cutting is done by computer aids such as using sharp blades or lasers that cut many layers of fabric all at once. Most manufacturers produce Medium priced or cheaper apparel. A whole product development team is involved in planning a clothing line and developing the designs of it. All the materials need to be sourced and ordered, and then samples need to be made, which are then presented to retail buyers.
The production also includes putting the garment together, also known as the sewing process. Once the garment is put together it goes through many processes, which are known, as finishings. The finishings include adding decorative elements such as embroidery, beading, buttons and buttonholes, hooks and eyes, snaps, zippers, hems and cuffs. This can also include brand-name labels and the fibers used in the garment, as well as laundry instructions, and where it was made. Most of the time it will also say the size of the garment.
Once the garment is finished it is then pressed and packed up for shipment. When making an article of clothing there are quotas and tariffs that they must keep in mind. These are rules that must be followed throughout the entire manufacturing process. Unfortunately the sewers are from low-wage environments, this keeps the cost of making the garment down. Most of the time garments are manufactured over seas but recently they have started to make clothing in the U.S.

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