What is your favorite T.V. Show?

5 years ago

Many of us, much rather watch a t.v show or movie, than get up and work or go outside! Myself included, on occasion;) So I want to know what is your favorite t.v show, cancelled or still airing that you love!

I personally love T.V. shows more than movies, because I think I get more into the story-line and how it is on-going season after season. Rather than watching a two hours movie, and not understanding it.

I have always liked the "crime" shows, CSI and such. But Currently and over the past view years I can honestly say that my favorite show is COLD CASE! not cold case files. I just love how the flashbacks were shown and they whole story-line. Sadly it has been cancelled for a few years now.

But I still am able to see reruns on CBS, or another random channel! Also, a t.v show that is still currently airing, that I love so much is Criminal Minds. I like how every episode it is something different, a new crime. But still ongoing story between the cast.

So what is your favorite T.V show at the moment? What types of shows do you usually go for? Crime, Disney, comedy, reality?

Let me know below your thoughts, and maybe we like the same show:)


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