What is in my Bag?

4 years ago

Pictures are mine. ^^
Please ask for permission to use ^^
So I decided to do a, `What`s In my Bag` Post`. I don`t know why I decided, to but meh, what the heck, why not right?

So to start, My bag is very small, It is a tiny coach handbag, with a large red stripe on the bottom, and a red patent handle. It may be small, but it holds all my necessities. I don`t know how much it cost because my friend bought it for me for my birthday present, but I am estimating no more than $60? Because she went to the coach outlet store. It is very handy and not bulky at all so I can just grab it and leave if I am in a hurry.

Continuing down, I have my lovely black wallet. that holds the little money I have. HAH! And before you say anything like, I do have money, considering it is an expensive wallet, PSHHHH, you think ``I`` paid for that?! anyways.....

and to our right is my lone aquafinia chapstick in the mint flavor. (I did a post on this a long time ago, Fav chapstick even now) and a Revlon Lipbutter in Sweet tart, just in case I need to look somewhat nicer if I were given 1 min.

Going down, is just a rose mirror, that is like an Anna Sui `inspired` kind of look, cheap, useful, $1 at daiso or dollar store. To the left of that is my house keys, with Petsmart saving card for my dear pup Artemis and still the Borders rewards card even though they are bankrupt and gone. T_T Can`t bring myself to take it off, the memories.....
And we`ve come full circle ending with my Pink Fujifilm camera.

Oh and btw I was using my Iphone 3gs to take these pictures, which is why It is not in the pics. xD

Anyways, Have a nice day~!

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