What is HIIT?

4 years ago

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a form of circuit training that boosts your calorie burn during and after the workout. It`s highly efficient and effective and burns fat at a very high rate.

There is dispute between HIIT and Regular Cardio training as some say it works, some say it doesn`t. I say, its up to the individual and how hard they`re working.

HIIT only produces results if you`re willing to put in the effort.

HIIT is generally 30 - 45 minutes long with very little rest in between. Your heart rate is always up during the interval sessions and generally, you hit both cardio and resistance training at the same time, which makes it efficient for that 30-45 minute block of time.

It is NOT for everyone though. You have to have a certain level of fitness in order to do HIIT safely. I know a lot of people who injured themselves because they wanted to lose weight fast but they did not have the endurance or energy to do so.

It`s best to get a professional to get you started with HIIT as working with such a fast heart rate for that period of time may injure some people.

Because your muscles are continuously working even after the workout, one of the lasting results from HIIT is that your muscles burn more calories after the workout because they were worked so hard during the HIIT session.

Typically, you only want to do HIIT once or twice a week. More than that and it becomes a strain on your body.

Hope that helps!

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