What is going on with the Luuux Shop?

4 years ago

I am quite concerned right now with the way things are looking on Luuux. Recently, I had tried to make a purchase through the shop only to notice that it would not allow it. The page goes no further than the review and from there, keeps refreshing. Naturally, I had only assumed it was a minor issue and that the next day, I would be able to proceed with my purchase. Sadly, not the case. After doing a bit of research, I noticed a few more people posting on the issue and from what I have gathered, it has been this way for quite some time (a matter of Months actually, from what I have read). I have to say that for me, I honestly grew to LOVE this site and would hate to turn my back on it over a glitch. However, the major concern floating around is that since the errors with the shop, no statement has been made about the issues. People are saying that if the shop is down, Luuux`s responsibility to it`s loyal posters, should have been to make the entire Luuux community know that it is being worked on, if that is the case. However, word has it that more concerned Luuux members are taking another approach by not posting, liking, or commenting on the site until a statement is made. They seem to think that the lack of effort to make a public statement to everyone means they are in fact getting ready to shut down. I certainly hope that this is just a rumor floating around and that Luuux is in fact working on the adjustments that need to be made to the site. I would hope that if they were to shut down completely, we would be made aware before hand. I feel like a lot of people would be let down and meanwhile, continuous efforts of posting are being made while we are left sitting and waiting for an announcement. If anyone knows what is going on or would like to let everyone know your thoughts on the issue, please comment below. I am just trying to figure out what a lot of us are questioning right now and like the good community we are, we all have to help one another. -Thank You. :)

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