What Is Emo?! You Answer Here

3 years ago

Some say `Emo is a style`, `Emo are people who self-harm`, `Emo is a music genre`.
No. No. No.
Emo / emotional. Make a little more sense now?
Emo is a shortened word for emotional. Some people are what you`d call `deep`; thinks and feels deeper than what the surface would show. Think `Skeletons in the closet` kind of thing. Most people say `Emo`s are always depressed`...Well, look at what we`re calling them, `emo` as if they`re not even human.
People don`t like things they can`t understand and/or afraid of. I mean, if you met someone wearing ALL black, listening to mellow music that talks about the pain in life but the actual meaning of it was how to get through it... What would you HONESTLY do?
Probably be creeped out bu the clothing, assume they`re `downers` in life... You wouldn`t even talk to them. Period.
`Emo`s` are made fun of due to being `different`, for wanting `attention`, I`m sure that`s the LAST thing they want because all the attention is negative.
Due to all the negativity they tend to get sad, I mean wouldn`t you if you had people picking on you just because you were being yourself??
But! Through all that, they ALWAYS stay them-self and never change for anyone. Rare to find these days, if you ask me.
`Standing out from the crowd` is what they love, and what they do. Not a very good reason to call them names and judge them and make fun of them.
`Emo`, `Scene`, `Goth`, All these generations are being made fun of and bullied because people don`t understand them.
What is so damn difficult in understanding them? They`re different, unique, and aren`t afraid to be them-self. Just like YOU. They just have a different style than you.
There is no `Emo`, `Scene`, `Goth`, `Prep`, or ANYTHING. All those names are used for stereo-typing people who love and feel different things.
THAT`S what `Emo` is. A stereo-typical name. Get to knowing the person, you`ll realize what I`m saying is true.

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