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5 years ago

I`m a big reader, always been and always will be. Since i was a kid i would read a book in one night. I loved books where you had a glimp of real life, but there was always a little fantasy in it. That`s still how i love them. But now i`m forcing myself to read everything. From real stories to complete fantasy. Since i`m home allot and can`t do too much i try to read a little more. My mom brought me this book the bought at the bookstore for 13.95. It has 2 books in it, the first part and the second. I`m not sure if there are other parts, but i`ll check it out.

- I haven`t read the whole book yet, but i know what`s it about -
It`s about a girl of 16 named Zoey Redbird. She has a normal life where vampires live in the real life. They have a school named `house of the night` in town where they all live. One day Zoey get marked with the vampire sign. To get trough the transitioning she has to go live at this school. But Zoey isn`t a normal half vampire. Her mark is filled, this only happens to vampires who are in their last year. She`s obviously special, and offcourse in the school there are mean girls and hot boys. She has to deal with love, friends and the mean girl. Has to fight against the blood,which she`s craving all the time.

In the first part she just deals with everything, things are happening and she is getting a full blooded vampire. The second part she`s getting the most popular girl in school, she has contact with the godess of vampires and there are murders.

When i first read the backflap, i didn`t liked it, the first pages i hated it.. but when i continued reading.. i loved it! it makes you feel young again, craving for a vampire getting in our lives (please do come edward.., lol!). Even tho the book seemed so childish, it`s a pleasure to read in it.

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