What I Use to Deep Clean My Brushes!

4 years ago

So I recently finished my first bottle of Johnson`s baby shampoo. I`ve had it for over a year I think, and I`ve basically been using it to deep clean my brushes (which, if you`re wondering, I do every week or two weeks). Although I own and use MAC`s Brush Cleanser for spot cleaning (wiping off my eye brushes after using them once or twice), I don`t find that ideal for my face brushes because it (a) takes tons of product to clean those, (b) doesn`t lather up very much, (c) doesn`t ever get all the makeup out.

So I`d looked up various "How to Clean your Makeup Brushes" videos and found that tons of people use baby shampoo (since it`s gentle) to clean their brushes. Lots of people recommended this brand, although there`s no particular reason I chose the green one. Like I mentioned earlier, I`ve been using it every week or so for the past year or more and I`ve loved the results! Not only do I need the smallest bit of product (hence why it lasted so long), but it gets all the makeup out and allows me to maintain the shape and quality of my makeup brushes! It also works on my sigmax brushes (and other synthetic fibred brushes) which I typically find more difficult to get all the makeup out of.

If you would like to see how I use this product to clean my brushes then let me know and I`ll do a detailed post with tons of pictures showing you exactly how I do it. For this post though, I wanted to let you guys know that this a fantastic product to DEEP clean your makeup brushes.

I hope you guys enjoyed and happy Luuuxing!

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