What I Think: Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof

4 years ago

So my deodorant expired recently and I went to Shopper`s to buy another one. I believe my last one was from Dove? It was one of those more expensive clinical ones as well. (I bought this for about $10.99)

This time I got Lady Speed Stick because I saw the sign that said it was "Dermatologist Tested". Just something little that I like in some of my products.

I`ve been using it for a few days now and I think it has improve my underarm sweating and it`s made me smell... more pleasant than usual. (Ha-ha :P) Anyways, the scent is "fresh breeze" and I like it because it`s not too over-powering and it`s natural. It`s not too fruity, and that`s a personal preference of mine.

For those of you who aren`t familiar with clinical deodorants, the difference with these, other than it costing more $$, is that you put it on when you go to sleep at night because that`s when our body is cooled the most and its technology can work it`s magic. Well, that`s basically what it said. I`ve tried it both in the night and in the morning and I do feel that it`s more effective when I apply it at night, so that`s why I`ve stuck with using clinical brands. I`ve tried tons of normal deodorants, but, I don`t know, I don`t want to make myself sound like a sweaty monkey, but they don`t work!

So, what`s your story with deodorant? Have you tried clinical ones and if not, are you willing to try it?

**Photo taken by me.

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