What I Purchased: My First Julep Box, Nail Care amp Nail Polishes

I think I have been a little too into purchasing nail-related items .
Julep has been around for quite a while, but I never thought they were worth the money. I believe it is $19.99 a month for $40 worth of products, or what is purported to be $40 worth of products. First of all, the nail polishes contain significantly less than a standard bottle. Normally, I think most bottles of polish contain about .5 fl. oz. = 14 mL. That`s what most of my nail polishes say on the bottle. The Julep polishes only contain .27 fl. oz. = 8 mL and on the website, they are a whopping $14/bottle. I can`t speak for the quality just yet, because I`ve only tried them a little bit on a couple nails, and so far, I think they are very very sheer.
I`d say to make this work for me, I`d just layer on a lot of coats until I reach the desired opacity, but that`s kind of a waste of time and polish, so I might just end up layering them on top of more opaque polishes.
I should have done more research before I purchased this box, because I believe they do have shades that have better color pay-off, but I can`t complain because these two polishes are supposed to be `sheer,` now that I`ve actually read the info it comes with.
Recently, they`ve been having a promotion for $0.01 for your first box. There have been many promo codes out there for the 1 cent boxes. So of course, out of curiosity, I decided to go for it.
Here is how it came shipped to me: A nice small, compact box, minimizing bulk that most packages have.
There are the products & an info card...Nice touch.
I took the online quiz and I was deemed to be...
Classic With a Twist...which comes with these two nail polishes:
Brooke Julep Nail Vernis: Sheer shimmery purple (looks beautifully shimmery purple in the bottle, comes out like a clear polish with finely milled glitter in it. disappointed? a little bit, but it is supposed to be sheer.)
Jennifer Julep Nail Vernis: Beautiful, sheer polish with just a hint of pink. (Kind of a boring color, can`t complain, good for using as a base for French manicures)
Also included:
Julep Facial For Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub:
I can`t imagine why I would need to exfoliate my hands. I wash my hands plenty of times throughout the day when I use the bathroom, before & after eating food, during showering, etc. So I think I need more hand moisturizing than I do exfoliating. I may just try this in the shower for overall bodily exfoliating. So we`ll see how that turns out...
Also comes w/ a Nail File: useless, filler product...lol sorry
It really is pointless, because you could pick up a plain nail file at any drugstore. I don`t expect a nail file of this caliber from a company that claims to produce quality nail products.
Unless you don`t already have a nail file, it`ll be useful. Otherwise...like I said, useless filler item to make the box look less empty.
I also purchased a Revlon Clip n Catch Nail Clipper.
Also, here`s a plain Glass Nail File.
I purchased this from one of those Japanese dollar stores. I think it`s from Ichiban Kan. I paid $1.50, I think. This is the first glass nail file I`ve ever tried and I think it does the job. I like the purple tip. As you can see below by the markings, I`ve already used it and I`m quite satisfied with the $1.50 purchase.
I`ve been meaning to get a nail clipper that has a catcher for the clippings, lol... I know this is more personal hygiene than most people are interested in, kind of unnecessary info. Anyway, I don`t know why nail clippers weren`t made like this to begin with. It`s just intuitive product design. I think it should have existed all along and only recently sprouted in the stores, as far as I know.
This Revlon What a Catch Nail Clipper: $2.49 at Target. There are manufacturer`s coupons floating around out there. I tried to find one online, but it seems like the links are all old, so I was unsuccessful. I did buy this for about $2, and after that the register printed out a $1 off coupon. Grr I hate how that happens, because ordinarily, it`s like when am I ever going to buy another one of these?
I might buy another one anyway with the coupon, because certain people keep borrowing mine and it`s just easier to get another one. Not that I don`t want to share, but I don`t like to lose track of little things when they`re constantly exchanging hands.
Nail Girls London from Hautelook: Dark Navy Ink & Light Mysterious Green-Blue
The names are basically just descriptors of the shades themselves. I kind of like that the names are not that creative, because it basically tells me what the color in the bottle is supposed to come out as, so that eliminates some of the guesswork. Sometimes when a nail polish is called `Berry` or something, I kind of think...`Well what is that supposed to be? Blueberry? Plum? Raspberry?` lol
Not that I don`t like creativity. I certainly have been known to purchase products just because of a catchy name.
I mainly bought these two, because I wanted the navy blue nail polish. I haven`t been able to find a dark blue, navy color without any shimmer. Also, I`m going to give the Green-Blue one away. It`s just too similar to other colors I have, like Revlon Minted. I don`t see the point of having nail polishes that are similar to other shades, because nobody can tell the difference unless you hold them up next to each other.
Thanks for taking the time to read, if you stopped by!

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