What I Love About Windows Computers

4 years ago

1) Ability To Install Almost Any Software Whats the oldest software you can run natively on a new Mac? About three years. Whats the oldest software you can run natively on Windows? Way over 10 years. I had an OS9 version of Photoshop Elements. Ran in Classic on my Power PC Mac, Didnt run at all on my Intel Mac. The Windows version (bundled on the same CD) Ran like a charm on Windows XP.

2) Maximize Done Right I know that the green button in OS X isnt technically a Maximize button, but I dont know what it is. In iTunes and Calculator, its a mode switcher. In Safari, its a resizer. In iPhoto, iMovie, Aperture, and Firefox, its a maximizer. In Windows, it has, does, and always will expand the window to full screen. I understand why maximization isnt practical in todays world of huge screens, but neither is a multi purpose vague button marked with a plus that may, in fact, make the window smaller.

3) Access to the Innards Quick and Easy. I can delete any System File without being told I dont have privileges even though Im the freakin administrator. Great for tinkerers.

4) Easy Force Quit By and large, it takes three clicks of Force Quit in OS X to actually make it force quit. In Windows,as long as you can get the Task Manager up, you can quit anything. Its as easy as Ctrl-Alt-Del.

5) Settings are Remembered OS X, If I leave my Finder window in the corner, I want it to stay in the corner. Windows knows this, you can learn too. Thanks.

What gripes do you have with OS X? What do you love about Windows? How about the other way around? Sound off below!
*I didn`t write this post i just strongly agree with every point and wanted to share it. It comes from the source link*

Source link: http://www.technologytell.com/apple/32431/ten-things-i-hate-about-my-mac-and-love-about-windows/

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