What I got for my first christmas =)

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers !

So I have seen many posts about what people received for christmas and since this was the first time I was invited to such "party/celebration" or whatever you want to call it ;) I decided to post a few pictures of what I`va got, which is not very much but still very touching (for me at least) lol

So first I received money, cards that my beloved created for me and that I can use whenever I want to go for dinner or movies (very cutes cards) ^^
He also offered me a lipstick palette which had caught my eyes not too long ago =)
From his family, I received money as well (to spend with him), a jewels holder ( I have no idea of how you guys call it, you can take a look at the first picture to see) =)
candles (two big ones and 4 little ones which are perfumed) and a gift card to spend in a spa for half-day for the both of us...
And of course the lovely food they prepared (his parents have a restaurant) and a giant santa that I have already started to eat as you can see ^^ and the setting (we live in the center of France and his parents in the south, it has nothing to do with the rest of the country, it`s just the best place ever!).

So I hope you guys had beautiful holidays and a merry christmas, I wish you a happy new year, lots of happiness and wealth ;)
Stay happy and stay healthy !

*Pictures are mine, please do not use them without my permission*

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