What i got for christmas - Shoe edition.

Hiya dear bloggers!

So Christmas time has just flown by and i haven`t had any time at all to be posting up my presents i received but now i have some spare time i thought i would share out with you guys some stuff i received.
This Christmas, i decided not to ask for anything specific, but my mum knew what i needed, what i like, and what colors i like to wear too, so i can honestly say that she got everything right. I will go uploading the things part by part so that way i don`t have to put a thousand photos in one post only hahaha. Anyways, this post is going to be showing and talking about the shoes i received Christmas day. I will talk about them one by one.. so here we go!

First up are these Long brown leather boots.
I really needed a pair of brown boots because the only pair of brown boots i actually own, i have had for several years and they are VERY worn out now. My mum knew that my favorite style of boots are the knee length ones. These have two buckles on them, one at the top and one at the bottom as you see on the picture. I`m not sure what shade of brown you would call this but it`s a pretty dark brown.
They are from a shoe store here in spain called Mary paz, and they actually have an online store so if you would like to visit it just google it up!
Second pair i received where actually a present from my older sister Nathalie, now this was a part of her present, she got me something else aswell. She got me these dark blue , nearly navy blue, style of uggs. They have pretend fur on the outline in like a beigy color and it has that buttoned detail on the side which i like. Another thing i like alot about these boots is that normally, the cheap versions of uggs, after you`ve worn them for a while they tend to flop to the side when you walk with them, (if you`ve owned a pair you will know what im talking about) and it looks horrible, but these have a piece of plastic integrated in them which stops them from flopping left and right when you walk which is just ideal.
Now the third and last pair of shoes i received were these black flats, now this is a bitter sweet moment because, i did receive them from my mum and dad BUT i had to return them just because they did not fit properly , but anyways, i had a picture taken for you guys so you could see what they did look like. They were a black flat but they had gold studded detail on the front, and in the middle they had this cool skull just hanging there haha. These were from a shop called Payma which we also have here in Spain, not sure if you can find this shop in another country. I can tell you the price of these because i returned them, so they were 10euros, pretty good deal i must say.
And we are now at the end of my shoe part, i hope you enjoyed reading and subscribe if you would like because i will be posting alot more of stuff.

Take care lovelys. xoxo

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