What Happened To Amanda Bynes?!

Remember little Amanda Bynes? The girl who stared in movies like; Easy A, She`s The Man, Hairspray and Sydney White. What happened to her? She used to be one of my favorite actresses because she always seemed so sweet and innocent. Some even called her "America`s Sweetheart", well... look at the so called "America`s Sweetheart" now. It came all the sudden, one second Amanda is playing a goody two shoes Catholic girl in Easy A and the next minute she`s shaving half her head, getting kicked out of hotels and is a drug addict! I`m here to share what I think happened to Amanda Bynes.

I think Amanda stopped getting roles in movies, and I think the reason behind this is because movie makers and directors didn`t want to work with her because they saw her as a lot of drama for the whole "I`m 27 and I`m retiring. LOL no just kidding, I`m not." So I believe that movie makers just gave up on her and since she wasn`t getting any roles, she wasn`t getting any attention and the only way she can get attention now is by doing crazy, bad things. A little while ago Bynes was pointed out for tweeting hate about Miley Cyrus, thankfully Cyrus responded in a very mature way and the matter was resolved. So that`s the reason I think that Bynes has gone through this crazy overnight transformation, is because she wants attention. I think that people need to stop giving her attention, not because she deserves it but because people giving her attention is exactly what she wants. She get famous for doing stupid things and people are giving her attention.

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