What Does Manti Te`o`s Fake GF Think?

4 years ago

If you don`t know the story of Manti Te`o then you`ve been living in a cave apparently. Manti Te`o, star line backer for Notre Dame was duped about his fake girlfriend`s death. Right, "Fake". Apparently he was tricked into thinking he had an ONLINE relationship with a girl. And this alleged girlfriend apparently died on the same day his grandmother died. And with these death he was motivated to lead his college team to an amazing undefeated season.

So the woman who Manti was made to fall in love with, or least her picture, was interviewed today on NBC`s Today Show. In the interview she stated that she went to high school with the guy involved in the hoax but did not know him well. The man had apologizes to her.

"O`Meara said she had never had any contact with Te`o, and that for five years, Tuiasosopo ``has literally been stalking my Facebook and stealing my photos.``"


1. Do you think she was an innocent victim of the hoax?
2. Do you think Manti knew he was being duped?

Source link: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/manti-teo-girlfriend-death-hoax-celebrities-react-joke-on-twitter-2013171

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