What do you hate in fashion ?

Things that i HATE in fashion.

So like all of you i just love fashion. But i realize that there are things that i just hate. So let`s start.
First thing that really pissed me off are winter shoes to summer clothes. Lots of you are writing about it and i can`t understand it. Winter shoes are for winter is it that hard to understand ? And especially uggs. They are just terrible. I mean i love them during summer because they are mega warm but when a girl is wearing an elegant dress, elegant blazer and uggs i have no words to say how i hate it ;-( It`s so stupid to wear boots with fur during the summer. We have ballerinas, sandals, flip flops...
Second thing are leggins with very short tops !! Unfortunately lots of people here on Poland just love this "style". I don`t know how about you but i don`t want to see someone buttom. I know that leggins are veeery comfortable, way more than normal trousers but can`t you just wear them with some long blouse like tunic ?
Third things are sandals with socks. Really ? That`s unfortunately another trendy and fashionable trend in Poland. I don`t understand it. If this is that cold that you need to wear socks, don;t wear sandals ! You could wear sneakers or some other shoes but not sandals... It just looks so wrong !
Fourth thing are strings. I don`t know is it good word for it but they are that thiny briefs with little strap. I just hate when girl is wearing very short jeans and we could see her strings or honestly any other briefs. It will always reminds me some wh*re.
And much much more...
What do you think ?
What do you hate in fashion ?
Tell me !

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