What Disney Movies Taught Me

4 years ago

->Ugly, fat, old people are evil!! In snow White the Queen turns into a ugly old women and gives her an apple, look how that turned out! In The little mermaid, Ursula was ugly, old and fat. Maleficent in the Sleeping beauty is ugly. Scar, ugly!
Jafar, Ugly! Hades, ugly! I detect a pattern here...

->The little mermaid: It`s OK to abandon your family, drastically change your body, and give up your strongest talent in order to get your man. If you ignore your parents and run away from home you can end up marrying a prince that only
marries you because you are beautiful! Why not make a pact with the devil? Sell your voice, or maybe your soul??

->Beauty and the Beast: Just Because He`s Abusive,
Doesn`t Mean He`s Not a Really Good Guy.  So this monster forces her to stay at this castle nothing says "I love you" like house arrest.
Secondly, he wasn`t exactly whispering in her ear. The Beast hurled insults at Belle at every chance, and came close to slapping her on more than one occasion! But dont worry, he might look bad now, but if you stay with him he will change.

->Cinderella: The only thing that matters is to be beautiful! You are enslaved by your family, but dont run
away or stand up for yourself, because one day a man will save you and end it all. Why learn to protect yourself when you can marry some prince! He can do that for you!

->Sleeping Beauty: Men like silent sleeping women! So this is similar with Ariel and Snow White. Men like women that are silent! When Snow White and the Sleeping beauty are in a coma,
men look at them and just think that its OK to kiss strangers because they are beautiful.

->Snow White: Beauty is all! Some woman tries to kill her just because Snow is more beautiful than her. When
a huntsmen tries to kill you don`t try to convince him not to kill you, just hope that you are beautiful enough so that he will fall in love. Sleep in a strangers house, they almost kill you too, but once they see your beautiful face they will fall in love. Trust strangers and eat any apples or food that
they give you! Once you are dead, men wont try to help you, they will just kiss you and fall in love with your beautiful body! Its called Necrophilia, people!

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