What did you think of Hunger Games?

5 years ago

So I was online reading and I stumbled upon the article linked below. Besides all the foolishness they talk about in the article it got me wondering what other people thought of the movie.
Now, I personally have read all the books and enjoyed them thoroughly, and I was entirely too excited to see it brought to life on film. I even got tickets to go see it in IMAX because I thought the epic-ness of the story line could only be watched on a gigantic screen with intense surround sound. So I paid my $16.50 watched the movie and came out disappointed.
Did anyone else feel this way?
I mean in essence the movie was a good representation of the book. It followed the plot line pretty closely, except for some random bit and bobs, so for the most part it was pretty legit. However the acting by Jennifer Lawrence, albeit she is the perfect Katniss, wasn`t that believable to me. And I don`t even want to get started on Josh Hutcherson...he just did not sell me as the perfect Peeta.
Maybe I`m wrong, but I just imagined Peeta a bit taller and little more muscular in build (hello he was supposed to be lugging around 100lb flour sacks all day at the bakery). But hey that`s just my opinion.
Plus his acting when it came to the parts in the cave when he was injured was annoying. He made Peeta seem weak and desperate...I don`t know this is all just the ramblings of a hardcore fan.
However the rest of the casting was PERFECTO! Lenny Kravitz was actually who I imagined Cinna to be, and Effie trinket was portrayed flawlessy as well as Haymitch. Snow`s casting could have been done better, plus isn`t he supposed to look like he has major plastic surgery?
What did you guys think of the hunger games? Did you think the casting was spot on? Who were your favorite characters??

Source link: http://www.eonline.com/news/ask_the_answer_bitch/whats_with_all_haters_hating_on_hunger/304727

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