What did I wear at Disney?

3 years ago

While I was at Disney I had three different roles by the time I left and for those three roles I had 2 costumes.
For two of my roles I wore the costume on the left which is my Polynesian Resort costume. I did custodial and housekeeping at the Poly.
I love this costume! I wore shorts almost everyday except for the chilly ones when I would trade out for pants, and the Hawaiian shirt was so cute and comfortable! Especially when you compare it to some other costumes on property I got pretty lucky. The biggest plus about my costume was that we didn`t have to tuck in our shirts which was a miracle! You can`t really see them but I had to wear black non-slip shoes. I also have my company issued water bottle clipped to my hip, because the number 1 rule at Disney is to drink plenty of water!

The costume on the right is my Biometrics Greater costume. The only real part that is the costume is the shirt. I got to wear my own pants or skirt and shoes. This costume was also a winner because 1. No tucking in the shirt, 2. super comfortable!

I do kind of regret not picking up other shifts so I could have worn more costumes, but at the same time I don`t. I had more then enough hours with my roles that I didn`t have the time to pick up any shifts, and I didn`t have to suffer any confusion or location training again.
All in All I give my costumes a 5/5 they are pretty adorable and super comfy! Not many people can say that.
Have you had work costumes you didn`t love?

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