What did I do wrong?

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What I am about to write is going to be extremely personal and I want to share it with my fellow luuuxers because I do feel like you are my friends and we are a luuux family here.
I`ve been going through the worst breakup in history.
and I want to know if I was wrong... if I did something wrong and if it was me.

I`m not trying to bash him out in any way...I just need girls to talk to with me in this situation.

We broke up the day before new years eve after getting into a big argument. The next day he took his ex gf to the wedding he was in as a date that I was supposed to go to. He says I am wrong for being hurt and upset that he took his ex as a date.
on new years eve... he had went to his ex and did sexual things. I was wrong as well for being upset about this. I was wrong for being so hurt and heart broken. From what he says, he didn`t do nothing wrong. but its the fact how he can throw away 3 years in one night and go to his ex.
Was I wrong for being hurt? Was I wrong for being upset?

I confronted the girl and told her how hurt she made me because she should have known that I was still madly in love with him and she did things with him.
Now that he knows I confronted her, he now wants nothing to do with me...ever again.
What I want help and advice for is was I wrong for getting upset and being so crushed inside?
Should I talk to him and forgive him? Or just move on to something better?

I feel so hurt and all I do is cry. I ask myself every single day why wasn`t i good enough? Was not pretty or smart anymore? What is wrong with me? I have no clue as to what I did and now he is telling everyone I am the bad guy.

I dont know what I did and I`m just so confused.
If you respond it means so much because I don`t have anyone to talk to about this.

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