What Celebs Are Loving Right Now : BRIGHT DRESSES

4 years ago

Heyauur everyone. How are you guys doing?
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Well, since summer time is here most of our celebrities has bought out their summer colour looks. In this photo there are 4 famous and popular celebrities; the first one is a celebrity (dont know her name), 2nd of is Beyonce, 3rd of is Rihanna, 4th is Hayden. They all have different bright colours on which make them look different from each other but still the best.
The 1st dress is yellow. Yellow is a colour which makes you look young, funky, fun, and bubbly so if you want to look someone fun and happy, yellow is the colour for you.
2nd of is Green. Green is a colour for nature and colour of happy life. It shows that youre mature and happy. So if you want to look older/mature or want to show your happiness then greens for you.
3rd is Bright Pink. Pink is a colour for a girl. Bright pink suggest that youre a bubby, happy, girly, love, hotness. Its a colour to make you look wild, young and show your girly side. Also it makes you look hot so if you want to look hot, pinks for you.
4th is Blue. Blue is a colour for nature but calmness, trust, honestly and confident. It shows that youre confident and talented. It also shows that youre happy. So if you want to show that your calm and happy than blue is for you.

BEST OUTFIT: Beyonce and Rhinna because I love the colours and it symbolize someone who is wild and girly. I also love the fact that their dresses really enhance thier gorgeous curves.

So, what are your thoughts on these dresses?
Which ones are your fav?

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