What Causes Obesity?

4 years ago

I wouldn`t consider myself obesity, but my friend`s friend is. We both has been talking about what causes obesity. Gaining weights and having to keep the weight upon ourselves shows us we need to get fit! Staying healthy is the number 1 thing we need to keep ourselves on a daily bases. Here are three main reasons what causes obesity.

<strong>Age:</strong> As you age your body will change. What you did 20 years ago won`t be easier it would be 20 years from now. Gaining weight around this time is hard because you don`t have that much energy in you.

<strong> Gender:</strong> A lot of women seems to gain more weight than the men. Reason why is that men have a higher resting metabolic rate meaning they burn more energy at rest.

<strong> Genetics:</strong> The obesity trends usually runs in the family. Parents often let their children do or eat whatever they want! If a parent don`t put their children on the spot. They`ll never know why they`re overweight!

1. Are you working out on a daily bases?
2. Do you enjoy working out?

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