What Brushes Would You Recommend?

4 years ago

So im currently doing a makeup course at college and want to build up a kit that i can use professionally for clients. At the moment i have sigma brushes which i got from luuux, elf brushes that i won and a few other mix and match ones from crown etc.

I want to buy a full set which will last for ages as i want to get my moneys worth. Im a bit stuck on which ones i should get, i dont wabt to get sigma or elf again as i have these and yes there really good...but i want something different for a change!

MAC is the ones i would really like but at this time i cant afford it, i would say i have about £70 to spend and would like a full set for this. i saw on ebay they have sets but i dont know how u tell if.their.genuine and good?! What brushes would you recommend???

I heard of bdellium and they look quite good, has anyone tried these btw?

Thankyouuuu :)

picture is from--- http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=brush+makeup+set&tbm=isch&pbx=1&aq=1&oq=brush%2520makeup&aqi=g6-k12d0t0&fkt=108&fsdt=5663&cqt=&rst=&htf=&his=&maction=&site=images&gl=uk&client=ms-android-samsung&source=mog&csll=&action=&ltoken=e059ab58&safe=active&biw=320&bih=475&sei=QQihT7fEE-nE4gSv-ZT7CA#i=4

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