What a toned stomach in a short time? Look Like Miranda Kerr!

5 years ago

Using basic good eating and exercise skills can see you having a fit toned body like Miranda Kerr!

<em> In this post I`m going to show you how to get your dream waist!</em>

So of course, it takes different times for different people, it may take some people longer and may take some people shorter, but if you stick to the following your on your way!

<em> Healthy eating and Water!</em>
I`m going to do a whole post on helping you with this, so watch out. But basically fill yourself up with fruit and vegies, make sure you don`t eat too much or too less calories! And treat yourself every couple of days, eat out sometimes.
<strong> Miranda Kerr does a 20/80, meaning 20% junk and the 80% healthy!</strong>
And it seems to work for her! Stay away from soft drinks and keep on guzzling the water!

<strong> Exercise Plan</strong>

<em> Sit-up Challenge</em>
I did this for a while, and you challenge yourself each day. Basically every day you have a different goal, if you are not as fit you can start with 10, then the next day 15, the next 20 and so on. When I did it I pushed myself and the first day did a 100, next 105, next 110, next 115, 115 again and then so on. It really burns the fat!

<em> RUN</em>
Running does not build muscles straight out, so don`t be afraid if you don`t want to have muscles, it is a huge fat burner! i prefer waking up early and running in the mornings for an hour, it`s up to you with the times! And keep pushing yourself, if you build muscles though with exercise it will burn more fat than no muscles so don`t worry!

<em> Jump Rope</em>
Easy. Simple. Fun. This burns so many calories and is a great fun workout! Put on some music and do it for ten minutes and see the fat melt off!

Dance for an hour or so a day! It`s great for the muscles, just make sure to warm up and down after and before! I love dancing and making dances! So this is great for me!

<em>Yoga </em>
This is so great for the muscles, and 20 minutes really relaxes you. I have only done it in the afternoon so far, but I think it would be great for the morning!

<Strong> Good Luck! Do you do any of these daily? Do you think Miranda Kerr has an amazing body?</strong>

<strong> Photo is not mine, source link below</strong>

Source link: http://www.stylebistro.com/100+Hottest+Supermodels/articles/RrxOqHp88NR/Miranda+Kerr

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