What a $7 Haircut Buys You

5 years ago

My daughter`s hair was getting awfully long. You can see from the 3rd and 4th pic it was going way past her shoulders. And like her mom, she has very thick hair. Thank goodness she didn`t get my hair genes. o_O

I decided to take her to a place where I got her a trim last time that I posted about. It`s in Chinatown, NYC on East Broadway, and what I love about them is that they don`t over charge for a kid`s hair cut. Not only that the people there are very patient with kids.

One of the person at the salon commented on how when she grows up you better watch out. That she will be very concious with her beauty. (Sorry doesn`t translate well from Chinese to English) The reason he said that in between cutting her hair and getting a new scissor or comb she would adjust her hair and play with it while posing to the mirror. LOL. They also said she was very pretty. Is she?

So the total for the haircut was $6 and I gave a $1 tip. Yes I`m a big tipper! lol. Hey, $1 divided by $6 is 17%! That`s not too bad!

Talk the TALK
1) How much do you usually spend for a haircut including tip?
2) What was the cheapest you ever spent for a haircut besides free from a parent? LOL

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