WHAT! $350 worth of Clothes for $23!?!

5 years ago

<strong>Yes, you read that right! I was able to score $350 worth of clothing, mostly business attire for a solid $23! Thats an 86% saving!</strong> Youre probably wondering how I was able to pull this off. Well, Ill give you a little secret Thirft Stores! I used to thrift a lot years ago, occasionally finding some really great items but I stopped for a while just for the lack of interest (I wasnt finding some items and got bored). But I started to get more into it as I was losing weight. It gets expensive having to buy a whole new wardrobe because youre shedding pounds and nothing that you have in your drawers and/or closet wants to fit you (and thats a good thing)! I started thrifting when Id go to Maine for the day. There are 2 really NICE thrift stores that I always would frequent during the summer months and Ive been able to score $100 pair of pants for $3.50, pairs of jeans for $1, etc. I cant wait to start heading back up to Maine with the warmer weather coming to see what these stores have.

Okay, now back to my $23 haul! I picked all of these items up this past Wednesday at my local Salvation Army Thirft Store. We have a really huge one the next city over and on Wednesdays items are 50% off their ticketed price. This particular store changes the tag colors that are exempt from the clearance price. This week happened to be anything with a green tag was full price, everything else was 50%. I only purchased one item that had a green tag on it and that was priced at $4.99. Not bad since the original item retails at $40 at Kohls! Everything else was half off the tag price. I also picked up a Cooking Light cookbook for a $1 since even books, etc, were half price.

<strong>Heres what I picked up during this thrifting haul:</strong>
Merona floral tee. <em>Suggested Retail Price: $14.99. I paid $2!</em>
Daisy Fuentes Knot-Top Blouse. <em>Suggested Retail Price: $40.00. I paid $4.99!</em>
Deluxe L.A. Blues Blue Floral Top. <em>Suggested Retail Price: $29.00. I paid $2!</em>
The Limited Drew Fit Khakis. <em>Suggested Retail Price: $74.90. I paid $3!</em>
Grace Elements Steel Grey Business Capris. <em>Suggested Retail Price: $24.00-48.00. I paid $3!</em>
Apt. 9 Pearson Light Grey Slacks. <em>Suggested Retail Price: $48.00. I paid $3!</em>
Danskin Black Work-Out Pants. <em>Suggested Retail Price: $30.00. I paid $2!</em>
Banana Republic Martin Black Slacks. <em>Suggested Retail Price: $89.50. I paid $3!</em>

So there you have it, my fabulously discounted clothing haul!

Have you gone thrifting as of late?
Would you have purchased any of these items if you saw them in your local thrift store?
What is the best item (in regards to price, product, etc.) youve purchased thus far?

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