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5 years ago

Portugal is not a big country, but it is one of the countries with the most natural diversity that you can find in the world... On the same country you can see everything that the nature has to offer: great mountains, great beaches, great forests, great plains and impressive islands with awesome landscapes.

Portugal actually has two different archipelagos: Madeira, that is a touristic point well known around the world, not only because of the weather and awesome beaches, but also because of two big celebrations The New Year celebration and the Flower Fest. Then we have Azores, that is an archipelago constituted by nine different islands, all of them with something special about it. It is between those islands that you can do one of the most impressive things: whale watching.

Azores has one of the most impressive whale sanctuary in the world and if you are lucky you can actually see something like 20 different kind of whales... Besides that, you can also watch dolphins that also like to swim on those waters...

So, if you`re the kind of person that likes to spend vacations on incredible natural scenarios, where you can have full contact with nature, you really have to visit Azores.

I`ve never been there, unfortunately, but I will for sure, it is just a matter of time.

And you? Have you ever visited Azores? Have you ever seen a whale on its wild habitat?

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Source link: http://www.visitazores.com/pt-pt/experience-the-azores/whale

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