Wetzel`s Pretzels Frozen Lemonade

It`s very typical for me to get cold drinks on cold days, and there`s reasoning behind that. I think for everyone that does this, we don`t do it because we`re crazy! It`s because you get so cozy and warm in heated rooms with thick coats that it does get hot on cold days! Also, with the constant change in temperature, your skin and mouth gets dry; that`s also how you get sick. So that`s mainly why I do get cold drinks sometimes on cold days! One of my favorites is cold lemonade, but when I ordered the girl made a mistake; I wanted was just the regular iced lemonade, but I got frozen lemonade. I thought heck with it, might as well try something new!

This tasted great at first, but the downside is that the ice is really thick. It`s more like a snow cone ice than an iccee or slushie type of ice, so if you drink it too fast all the lemonade is pretty much gone :( I was left with about half a cup of ice after I drank it, so I probably won`t ever get this again. It`s really not worth the money because for almost $4, you`re getting half a cup of lemonade and the rest is all ice! I do however recommend their regular iced lemonade though, that stuff is refreshingly delicious!

<em>Do you like frozen lemonade? Do you drink cold drinks on cold days?</em>

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