Wet`n`Wild Through the Grapevine Nail Polish: Review amp Swatches

4 years ago

A while back I picked up a couple Wet`n`Wild polishes from Walmart. I posted the haul yesterday but I had some swatch pictures and realized I wanted to review it as well, since it`s not just another polish in several ways.

1. The Brush
Different companies have different sized brushes, but in all honestly, it`s never been enough of a difference for me to notice before. But the brush on the Megalast polishes is HUGE. I included the shot of the brush and my one finger nail to give you guys an idea of how large it really is. It`s not a 3 stroke polish, it`s a one stroke with small areas left on the sides. I didn`t think I`d care about the size, but it`s actually a little annoying. The other thing about the brush is that the bristles arent all straight and soft. Now I`ve never noticed the bristles on a nail polish applicator being hard, but I can see the thick "hairs" streaking across my nail (although the polish did not actually streak). Just thought I`d mention it though for those of you wanting to pick this up.

2. The Application
I`ve had people mention this before but I`ve never experienced a nail polish shrinking after application. What I mean by that is that you paint your whole nail, and realize once your done that it`s moved kind of off the ends. I looks a little worn in the sense that you can see your white tip at the end. I don`t know if this is because my top coat doesnt work well with this polish or if its the polish, but it was annoying that the polish looked like I`d had it on for a few days right after I painted it.

3. The Longevity
I typically can keep my nails the same colour for at least 5 days. Some nail polishes even 7 days. This polish, 3 days in it looked like my other polishes a week in. Some slightly chipped, some just showing wear on the edges more. It just didn`t last very long on me.

Overall, despite these problems, I don`t think it`s the worst polish. You just have to be okay with using a HUGE brush, apply the polish over the end I suppose, and not intend to wear it for a week at a time. The polish is a nice colour, nice opacity, and has a gorgeous creme finish. I just wanted to share my thoughts because I`m not fussy with nail polish and yet there`s things about this that I noticed.

I hope you guys found my review helpful. Happy Luuuxing!

All images and opinions are my own.

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