Wet n Wild`s - Where`s the Party At? First Impressions amp Swatches

I am a huge Wet n Wild lover. In the last two years I have really been seeking out their products and very excited when new products come out. When I was a little girl - I remember Wet n Wild having nothing but extra glittery and extra shimmery products and being that I was a tomboy - it never really impressed me much. But, a friend of mine sent me a palette from Wet n Wild (a 6 pan palette - limited edition) and after trying that one - I was completely hooked. I have quite an extensive Wet n Wild collection now a days and these 3 babies were added to that collection last week.

I had a hard time finding them here in my local stores - but a sweet friend named JoAnn found them and sent them to me as a gift. That was so thoughtful - because weeks later and I still have not found them here. So - after a week of having the products in my hands... I finally have some swatches to share with you and some first impressions of the products.

Drinking a Glass of Shine

This particular palette is a repromote of last years "I Heart Matte" Palette from the Holiday collection. I didn`t find this palette anywhere here at my local Walgreens - so I was super duper stoked to get this palette this time around. It includes 8 gorgeous matte shades. What I enjoy the most is that these shades are not just bright - but this palette also includes neutrals.

The Swatches above are of the Left Side of the Palette - the Bright Side. It includes a matte white, a green, a blue and a purple. All of these colors are pigmented and soft to the touch. I did feel like I had to go over the white and the blue a little more than I thought I needed to in order to get the swatch - but I have come to expect that sometimes when cosmetics are brand new - they can have that problem. After I did the swatches - they glided on effortlessly.

The swatches above are from the Right Side of the Drinking a Glass of Shine palette. While they are soft and blendable - these took a little more effort for me to grab product for the swatch. But still - I believe it`s just for the first swatching... and after that it will be fine. Especially since they are matte and they have embossed letters on their palettes - it can definitely add to difficulty in picking up the color. But that was just the first time, they seem to work fine now.
Sparkle `Til Morning

The Sparkle Til Morning Palette is my absolute favorite of the 3. While it seems like some of the colors are new - I did do some comparisons with my other palettes and found that a few of them are from other palettes. Nonetheless, this is my favorite because it is universal enough for anyone to use.

The swatches above are from the left hand side of the Sparkle Til Morning Palette. The first color (browbone color) looks similar to that in the Comfort Zone palette. And the Teal (my favorite) Definer color is also the same color in the Blue Had Me at Hello Palette. I know that one by heart because it`s one of my favorite colors. They are all pigmented and really pretty. I`m not sure if the other 2 are repromoted as well.

These swatches are from the Right side of the palette. I could tell almost instantly that the Definer color is the same as that in the Comfort Zone Palette as well as the Crease color in the Comfort Zone Palette as well. They also swatched the same. The pigmentation is still awesome and they are smooth and blendable. This palette is still making out to be my favorite. ;)
Shimmer the Night Away

Shimmer the Night Away Palette is one that I think would be great for any collection. It includes colors that are awesome for a smokey eye or a bright eye. It also includes one of my favorite colors from the Petal Pusher Palette - what I like to call a dupe for MAC`s Trax (which is one of my favorite shadows of all time).

The swatches from the left side of the Shimmer The Night Away Palette are pigmented and perfect for any smokey eye - especially with the New Year`s Eve Festivities just a few weeks away. The Browbone (white) color looks similar to that in the Blue Had Me at Hello palette, but when I swatched them - the BHMAH palette seemed like it had chunkier glitter it in. The Silver (eyelid) color also looks similar to that from the Blue Had me at Hello palette but when I swatched them, the Shimmer the Nigh Away palette`s color seemed to be softer and more metallic. The crease color I believe is the same in the Petal Pusher Palette and the Definer color the same as the Blue Had Me at Hello Palette. Nonetheless - if you haven`t had the chance to get your hands on this palette - it would be a great addition because of these colors alone.

These swatches are from the Right hand side of the Shimmer the Night Away Palette. While they are gorgeous and pretty - I did really have a hard time swatching these. The color was a bit difficult to pick up. I expected so because the Browbone color is the same as the eyelid color in the Petal Pusher palette and it gave me a hard time the first time I used it too. But still - the colors are pretty - they have a duo chrome effect to 3 of them and the blue is very pretty and can easily be blended to help transition from one color to another.
My Overall Thoughts and more info...
These palettes can be found at Walgreens stores (though I would like to say "select" Walgreens stores, because I can never get them at mine. They cost $4.99 each - which considering the amount of colors you get and the quality altogether - that is certainly a steal. The textures of each shadow in each palette do vary from color to color. While some of them are soft and very blendable, others can have that chalky consistency. I find that the ones that have a lot of glitter and shimmer in them tend to be a little more chalky and flaky - but with a light hand and a brush, it should be easy to blend out. Some of the glitter in the shadows do fall out - which can be quite normal with glitter shadows in my opinion. Some are made quite well, while others can have that problem... a good cream base should help out with fall out.

Many of the colors in these palettes have an awesome velvety texture which I love. It makes it easy to use as a multi-purpose shadow. You can pack it onto your lid and blend in another color to your crease or use as an all over the eye shadow.

Overall - would I purchase these shadows (if they were available to me) - most definitely! They are still well worth it in my opinion - and with a $5.00 price tag, even if they do have shadows that are previously promoted - many of the shadows are of ones that I currently use a lot of anyway. Wet n Wild has definitely stepped up their game in the last several years - compared to my tomboy days. I`m always pretty happy with what they have to offer. Oh - one last thing, all swatches taken were done dry, without a base or primer. I used just a swipe of my finger to do the swatch - with exception to a few that I had to go over more than once.


Disclaimer: I was given these products as a gift from a friend. My opinion and thoughts are 100% honest and my own. I am not and have not been paid to provide my opinion.

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