Western BBQ Burger amp Onion Rings from Burger King!

On the way home from a friend`s I haven`t ate dinner yet so I pulled into Burger King and ordered some dinner for myself. I actually ate in the dark in my car, lol how lonely. =(

What I ordered:

Western BBQ which is a copy of Carl`s Jr Western Bacon Cheeseburger. The only difference is that it`s smaller, cheaper and not as good. In fact the onion rings were really salty. This was $1.99
Side of Small Onion Rings, again this was pretty salty as well. This was $1.29

Total was less than $4, not bad for my dinner. I was full afterwards. I am usually satisfied with the onion rings but I wasn`t this time around. =(

AND another thing that annoyed me was when I pulled up to the window the guy goes $12. He didn`t greet me nor anything just his tone was give me the money. I`m like how much again? $12. Why is it $12? Then I had to ask what did I order?

If someone is asking you the total a few times then you should repeat what they ordered. He was lazy or something cause he didn`t OR trying to rip me off thinking I`m dumb.

It says on the door.. if you don`t get a receipt your meal is free. They should also say if they try to overcharge you your meal is free.

<strong>What do you generally order at BK?</strong>

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