Were spain that good or was italy poor

4 years ago

All four goals last night came from winning the ball back and attacking directly with intent. They very rarely come once a side is forced back to defending it`s own penalty area. Look at how they struggled to break down Croatia and Portugal and how Chelsea beat barca.

Once a side commits to defending that deep with so many players back, all the midfield tippy-tappy in the world will struggle to break it down.

All through the tournament, Spain only looked like they had goals in them once Torres was on the pitch. The 4-6-0 allowed them to dominate the midfield but generally had no-one to receive a killer ball.

Once you push a team back that much, you are relying on a moment of brilliance or a huge mistake/slice of luck. Spain can do that with xavi, iniesta, Fabregas, Alonso, silva, mata, navas, Torres, Llorente, villa to call upon...

I don`t think any international side has ever had such a wealth of truly world class players across the front six and substitutes. Certainly not in my lifetime.

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