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About 3 months ago I decided to dye my hair and unfortunately I decided to use the box hair dye....HUGE MISTAKE! Normally I never use this method for hair color, but I was feeling lazy and I was already at the drug store. Well big surprise my hair is now ruined. My hair is about a foot in a half in length and it`s cut in layers. Now, my hair is damaged and feels like straw. I have officially began a war against my hair. I tried the Split Remedy from TRESemme for about a month in hopes that my hair will not be ruined. It did not get too bad, but it also did not help as mush as I was hoping.

I know it was not going to repair my hair completely but I wanted better results. Well thus I decided to try the Wen Hair Care system. I have received my sample set of the entire system, I believe its about a weeks worth or so. I am skeptical to try this, but I also don`t want to give up half of my hair and cut it.

So far it has been Day 1 and it does feel different but the problem I noticed was that it did weigh down my hair. Since it`s long and thick it suggested to use a bit more than usual so I`m guessing that`s why. Tomorrow I will use less and let`s hope I get better results. If after this week I end up loving how my hair ends up and if it does help me repair some of the damage then I will be on the phone to order the full set.

Has anyone out there tried the Wen HairCare system? I wanted to know if anyone has tried it and what their experiences were. I don`t want to go by the reviews from their website alone, I want honest reviews since I`m sure the website was a bit selective on which reviews they would post.

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