Wemyss Ware Pricey Piggy I found in my home.

First off Luuxies (because I feel embarrased), I know it looks dirty, but it`s not. I promise you. This piece really surprised me when I just saw it laying around at home and found out it costs over $600.00 online!

Let me tell you how this came to our home, my mother is a hoarder. lol! She really is! I used to nag her all the time, because she would always bring in very odd, ugly-looking things!

She recently moved to another state, so it`s just me and my sister now. I`m her legal guardian, but anyways... I was cleaning and throwing a bunch of nasty clutter out. I saw this, and saw that on the bottom it said something about MADE IN BRITAIN (atleast that`s what I remember it said), I set it aside and decided to look it up another time.

So I did. Turns out that Wemyss Ware is pretty pricey. I came across this very piggy and it costs over $600.00 US dollars.

So like I said in the beginning of my post, no... the piggy is not dirty. I don`t know where my mother got it from, but I guess the little ears had broken at some point and they were glued back on. that`s why they look like that.

My picture, DO NOT TAKE!

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